My shopping list for Devon…

I have been saving my pennies for Devon for MONTHS now. Putting aside a little here and a little there. I have several things that I have been wanting for a long time that I hope I can find at Dressage at Devon this year! I thought it would be fun to write the list of what I need and want before hand and then to see what I come home with Saturday night!

1) A nice stock tie. I have stock tie issues. I have 5 stock-ties already. 4 of them are pre-tied and are too small for my fat girl neck. I buy them and pin them for a while until I decide they are not comfortable which is when I throw them into the stock tie pile and buy a new one. I have one normal stock tie which I just learned how tie myself this year. Now I am loving it! My old one is from college (ktlyn615 used to tie it for me). Now I am looking for a cool patterned white stock tie that is extra long.

2) A new bridle. Phoenix is wearing my cheapy bridle now. It cost me $30 many years ago and I have gotten plenty of use out of it so I don’t feel bad about looking for a new one. especially since this one doesn’t fit Phoenix very well at all. Some parts are too long and some are not long enough. I have thought about giving him Gen’s old bridle, but if I can find a new one for not a lot of money that is going to fit him (and his big nose) I am going to get it.

3) A fancy browband. I have a problem with browbands. Every time I order from a tack store that has browbands on sale I buy one. For some reason I think because they are only $30 or less they are not very expensive. I have so many though that just buying the right browband from the start would have saved me a lot of money. Especially since I have yet to use any of the browbands I have ever purchased! I am looking for one that is beaded instead of jeweled and is black and silver (maybe a little bit of white or crystals?) I am willing to spend over $100 on it. I know, totally extravagant purchase. I have not bought a browband in a long time though knowing that I was totally going to splurge at Devon getting a one of a kind one. I have a lot better ways to spend that money but I am giving myself permission to get one guilt free. I think everyone deserves to spoil themselves once in a while if they can afford it (can you tell I am feeling guilty already?).

and 4) Last but not least…Boots for Gennyral. Last year I found these cool boots that I wanted to try, but they seemed expensive at $90 a pop. So I grabbed the name of them and figured I could order them online for cheap. I was wrong. Very wrong. The only place that had them online was in England, and even before the exchange rate and shipping they were double what they would have been at Devon. I have kicked myself for not buying them for a year now. If I see something good I am going to buy it. I would rather have good boots for Gen then anything else.

So we will see what I actually get. Devon has some good sales so who knows what I will come home with. All I know is that this year especially I am coming home with a way lighter wallet. Yikes this is going to be expensive!


10 thoughts on “My shopping list for Devon…

  1. If you post pictures of your brow bands you could probably sell a few and pay for the new one. It would make for a guilt free purchase! I love selling what I don’t use to get shiny new things! Everybody wins!

  2. I hear you about the bridle not fitting correctly! None of Monty’s old tack fit Rugby well. I had to sell stuff on Ebay to buy stuff that would fit him. Monty had a long head with a refined nose. So Warmblood crown and browband with horse sized noseband worked for him. Rugby needs draft or warmblood everything. If you still have trouble finding something you may want to check out this new dealer:

    They sell bridles in parts so if your horse has a head that doesn’t quite fit a standard size bridle you can buy the parts to make up your own bridle to fit it as needed.

    Have a great time and please take lots of pictures to share!

  3. ooo fun! I love shopping with someone who is buying stuff! I bought Janow a really nice beaded browband about 10 years ago. He still wears it for everyday. I like the beaded ones best.

  4. I absolutely LOVE my thin line bridle i got at devon last year- that was such a great find! At my Roeckel pink leather gloves with the swaroski crystals 🙂 Not cheap but still awesome! I hope they have lots more great deals this year! I am soooo excited!

  5. I found your blog while searching for a question relating to my budding micro-business. I make and sell hunting stocks and have several particularly beautiful white stocks in my portfolio. I am in my first year of business and exploring venues and opportunities. Spring calendar in Virginia where I live includes a possible vendor’s tent for me at a large 3-day event. Do you have an opinion on this type of venue to market my white stocks? I only make traditional stocks. Naturally I cater to the hunt field with a variety of cubbing ties. I am, however, very proud of my whites and some of my ties are seen often on “high holy” days with the hunting shadbellies. Hmmmm? what say you, should I get busy at my machine and test the market here with my sisters in the dressage ring? I do not ride dressage myself, so I don’t have a scope on preference in the ring for pre-tied versus traditional. I was thrilled to find your blog, and see it as a great source for answers and opinions. thanks for all your site offers

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