I had a blast yesterday!

While 4:30am was WAY to early to wake up without the reward of a ribbon on a weekend…I had a great time being a cheerleader at the show yesterday. Championship shows always mean long days, but they also mean victory gallops!!

This is Phoenix’s Owner on her horse Jesse. Because they were running behind they did the 3rd and 4th level victory gallops together. She was reserve champion at 4th level. I am so proud of her horse! Phoenix’s Owner is an old pro at showing so I know she would be fine, this horse was one of the very first horses she ever trained from the start all by herself. She was a young teenager when she broke him and through the years he has been able to progress. We tease poor Jesse horse because he is always the back up horse, never number one in the line up. And yet I have a feeling that he will show Grand Prix someday. Wouldn’t it be nice to train multiple horses to Grand Prix!

It was a great day for the barn all around. Not only did Phoenix’s Owner get reserve on Jesse, but she got 4th on her clients horse. And Randsom’s Mom won reserve champion also!!! This was only her second show EVER! She has worked really hard so it was wonderful to see her do so well. Speedy’s Mom had a tough ride in her first test, but she really stayed focused on why she was doing this show (to school Speedy) and by the end of the day he looked like a different horse because he was so relaxed. And how did the Young Rider do? Watch her T-4 test and see for yourself…

I have never seen her mare move so well! Sorry the video doesn’t start until half way through her first bending line…my camera gave me trouble ALL DAY. That is why I didn’t catch her victory gallop. That’s right. The kid got to be in a victory gallop. That test above was a 67.6%!! And her second test was close in score. The Young Rider came in 3rd place!!

It was so much fun seeing everyone else be so happy! Hopefully some day Phoenix and I will be able to be in a victory gallop ourselves, but for this year it was just fun to get to cheer on other people!


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