My horse can use the telephone!

And he has access to someone’s credit card…

So my horse is officially the worlds most amazing horse. Since this blog is about horses, and not personal stuff, I will just say that my new job (you know the one I was so excited for?) is not what I expected and I have been having a hard time transiting into it. This had led to me being a lot more stressed out than normal, which means that my normally happy and smiling self has even been seen frowning (doesn’t happen a lot, but yes, I can be sad as well). Well, apparently I have been carrying that stress with me to the barn and everyone has noticed…Including Gennyral.

Imagine my surprise last week when a florist shows up at my work looking for me. I had just gotten an article in the paper that day about my new position so I had assumed it had something to do with that. My co-workers quickly dismissed my thoughts that work had sent it, but I didn’t know who else could possible send me flowers. As soon as I saw the arrangement I got a big smile on my face. There was a mini-Gennyral and a very cute potted plant to brighten my new office!!! How great is that!

The florist was laughing as they handed me the card, which I tore open right away. The card said,

“You made it through the week! Just to let you know I love you and appreciate it!!!! Love, Your Genny”

That’s right! The card was signed Gennyral!! My horse sent me flowers! He is the worlds most amazing horse! Have any of your horses ever sent you a present? I am thinking probably not.

The flowers totally lifted my spirits and made my day so much better that I was in a great mood by the time I got to the barn. Gen wont tell me who lent him a credit card or how he got the number to the florist, but I have a feeling it was the barn owner. She denys any part, but my horse wouldn’t have thought of such a nice gift on his own :P. I didn’t think it was possible to be happier with the barn where Gen lives, but I am. Anyone who is willing to take the time and money it requires to pull of a stunt like that is a very special person. That sort of family/friend feel is what makes Hill Farm the best place I have ever boarded. Everything they do is with love, from kisses and carrots at night check (it is disgusting how much my horse loves the barn owner…many a morning I have come in to lipstick marks all over his face) to the calls as soon as a new catalog comes in because there is a new boot that might possibly work. My horse is and always will be my horse, but she likes to think Genny is hers as well.

My job might not be the dream job I have always wanted, but Hill farm is the dream barn for my Gennyral. Too bad Phoenix is not the jealous type of my horses could have a gift off trying to send me presents 😛


3 thoughts on “My horse can use the telephone!

  1. I am sorry to hear about your job. It really sucks when things aren’t what you expect.

    I LOVE the flowers!!! That is sooo cute!!!!

    You know….I almost ordered some flowers for myself on Valentine’s Day once. I was going to put Griffin’s name on them and something like “From your loving stud” or something really silly like that.

    I am single and don’t have a hubby, but I don’t think that should mean that I can’t get some flowers to enjoy.

    I think about it every year at Valentine’s Day, but have yet to do it.

    It DOES sound like Genny’s barn is very special. I’ve boarded at enough places to know that there aren’t a lot of great places to board….but when you find the right one, it’s like having that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

    I hope your job gets a little better…or at least more bearable!! 🙂

    Carol & Grif

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