The Rainy Day Dressage Show – Part 1

When I got to the barn on Friday night I was surprised to find Phoenix on the cross ties…and even more surprised to find it was because the Young Rider was braiding him for me!

As you can see in the picture it was raining cats and dong on Friday. My plans to ride Phoenix the night before the show had already gone out the window as soon as I saw the state of the rings. The wind and rain had started Thursday night and so by Friday at lunch time I knew my chances were slim, but I was hopeful. As soon as I saw the state of things I knew it was time to just give up my ride times and focus on show prep. Poor Phoenix had been in all day and so his level of needyness was higher than normal.
According to the Young Rider as soon as he saw my car pull into the driveway he turned into baby mode. I thought that was pretty cute because it means I am starting to be his human instead of his owner. Getting a horse ready for a show is never easy, but getting a horse ready for a show in the pouring rain when they have not been out and it is cold is miserable. Add to that the fact that Ridge farm does not have hot water or wash stalls it is really was no fun.
Phoenix is not very good about standing to be washed on the best of days, so there was a lot of yelling going on. While it took me longer then usual (to be honest, I wouldn’t want have freezing cold water shot at me either on such a horrid day) to get him clean I was able to get the full bath in. It took us so long though that I was drenched from the rain myself by the time we were done. Since I had my make-up on from work the rain had turned me into a $2 whore of a member of kiss depending on who you asked.
I threw the cooler on Phoenix and went to work on cleaning my tack and clipping him. I got done earlier then I had planned so I figured I would go over to the house and hang with everyone else for a bit (Phoenix’s Owner was off at the CDI NEDA was hosting so the Nice Local Trainer was lonely in the house all by herself). After a little while I had to hit the road and finish getting ready so I said my good-byes and headed out the back door. The Young Rider had done the same and was headed out the front door.
As I was going down the wet wooden steps I slipped. I tried to save myself from the full fall and so I threw my left leg down to stop. Well, my left leg did stop the fall, but my stupid ankle rolled out on me. I felt a sharp flash of pain and promptly dropped to the ground. I started to scream for the Young Rider right away. I took a few deep breaths and tried to get up. I could put weight on it so I knew it wasn’t broken and so I started to hobble to my car just as the Young Rider found me.
I was so mad that I tripped. WHY AM I SO DAMN CLUMSY! I had full ankle boots on. Who rolls their ankle in full boots?!?!?! Lucky for me the Young Rider gave me ace bandages and band aids one year as part of a birthday present so I had an ace bandage still in my car. I wrapped my ankle right away and prayed it wouldn’t swell too much before I got home. I admit that in the car I had a total pity party. I just melted down because it seems that my bad luck is continuing with Phoenix. We can never seem to show with the two of us 100% healthy! It is so frustrating!

To Be Continued …


2 thoughts on “The Rainy Day Dressage Show – Part 1

  1. The barn may want to think about a 4 gallon inline water heater for the wash stall. I’m on a list that mentioned someone marketing them to horse-owners at some crazy price, but other folks on the list spotted the same gizmo at Home Depot for a lot less:

    Ariston 4 gallon inline electric hot water heater:

    Maybe he hates baths because they’re chilly. 🙂

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