We are going to scratch for the Hunter Show

I am so happy right now. Today was a fantastic day. I will give you all full updates later. I just wanted let you all know that there is no way I am showing tomorrow. The picture above is from today (YAY!) and look at how wet it is! And it is forecasted to rain on and off all night. There is no way I can canter and jump Phoenix in sloppy footing without having him fall over, and the footing at the local show grounds is not the best to begin with. I am THRILLED with today and do not need to push my luck or my pony.


4 thoughts on “We are going to scratch for the Hunter Show

  1. Bummer!! It was gonna be your first 2 day show…. But it sounds like you are doing it for the right reasons. Another horse show mom and I were just talking about not showing in poor conditions and how dangerous it can be for both horses and kids (adults too!!).

    Safety always has to come first!!

  2. Kudos to you on both counts! Your picture shows a relaxed, confident ride in less than stellar conditions, and I think you deserve a lot of praise for your decision for tomorrow, and Phoenix deserves a lot of praise (which I am SURE he is getting as I am writing this!) for what you both did today!

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