I guess I can never be 100% for a show :(

I twisted my ankle last night. No, I am not kidding. I am so mad right now! I was all done getting Phoenix ready (with help from the Young Rider who surprised me by braiding Phoenix for me last night before I even got to the barn!) and had gone into the house to talk to the Nice Local Trainer. As I went to leave the house and run back to the barn to just stick Phoenix’s sheet on for the night I missed a step. So I started to fall. Which of course led to me throwing my left foot down to save me. Which would have been fine had my whole ankle not rolled.

The pain of the twisted ankle brought me down and I fell back onto the grass and stairs. And started screaming for the Young Rider to help. Which she did because she is awesome. Not only did she help me to my car, but she also got Phoenix’s sheet on for me. I have an Ace bandage in my car (because I am so accident prone) so I wrapped it right away. All night and now this morning my ankle has been iced or wrapped. So the good news is that there is hardly any swelling. The bad news is that it hurts like a bitch still.

You know not one show this year with Phoenix have I gone into 100% healthy. Not once!!!

Yesterday, I got Phoenix ready in the freezing cold rain and wind and it is looking like today is going to be rainy also (although at this second it is not raining so I have hope).

It is looking like my big double show weekend is just going to be a normal show weekend. If I can get through today I will be very happy! Thank goodness you don’t have to enter early for hunter shows!


3 thoughts on “I guess I can never be 100% for a show :(

  1. Gosh- I feel for you!! I’ve been in such a crappy mood myself lately dealing with this stupid pinched nerve in my leg.

    Grif and I have are BIG yearly trail ride with our barn coming up and I’ve been wanting to ride to help him stay in shape and limber for it and I’ve been stuck hanging out with him and grooming him more than any riding. I managed about a half-hour at a walk last night, but got off with a throbbing leg that I had to ice for another hour. **sigh**

    I know the frustration!!

    I do have to say though — if I had a choice — I’d rather it be me that is hurt than my horse 🙂 I won’t push him a single bit if I think he isn’t right….but I WILL push myself to the point of screaming pain!

    Hugs to you! — I hope your leg feels better 🙂

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