Am I jumping the braiding gun?

So I got my times for the show on Saturday and they are pretty damn perfect. I ride at 11:02 and 11:34. I could not ask for anything better (except to have a healthy horse that I could be riding at training level right now). I am so looking forward to getting into the show ring again!

My goals for Saturday are… to do better than my 60% that I got last time, to get Phoenix to focus in the warm-up, to remember my tests (which would be humiliating because test A is only 8 movements!!), and to not mention how green Phoenix once. He is becoming very good at going out and about so I hope that carrys on!

The show on Saturday should be relatively quiet because there was a big show last weekend in the area and another one next week in the area (one of the GMO championships), plus about half the barn where the show is being held is off to one of the GIAG championships this weekend. If there is less than 10 people in the indoor this time around that is going to be a big help!

So knowing that today is going to be a very long day for me with work and getting ready for the show I tried to be organized last night and get my truck packet. I tend to be very organized when it comes to show stuff, my boots are cleaned and re-packed as soon as I get home from a show. I thought packing up for this show would be a breeze…but I was wrong.

I LOST MY STOCK TIE! I always take it out, wash it, iron it, and hang it on the same hanger as my jacket. I almost didn’t check for it, but I took my jacket out of the garment back just in case. AND IT WASN’T THERE! So around the house I went. I checked all my usual hiding spots and it was still no where in sight. I had given up hope when I put my jacket it away…and something caught my eye.

There was a little ball of white on the bottom of my garment bag. Sure enough it was my stock tie. I wasted 2 hours of my life tearing up my house and looking for something that was in the bottom of my back the whole time. All well. Hopefully that will be the worse thing that happens when it comes to these shows.

So now onto the title of the post. I know I am going to ride and give Phoenix a bath after work today…but should I braid him tonight are just wake up early in the morning and do it then. You see, I am planing on just braiding once and hoping it lasts all weekend. I am just doing the hunter show to redeem myself and Phoenix from our last show there so looks are not important.

The pros to braiding him tonight are an extra hour of sleep, and the fact that his hair will be wet, and I find braiding wet hair much easier.

The cons to braiding him tonight are that he will have to have the braids in until Sunday afternoon and that is a long time.

So what do you think. Would you all braid tonight or wait for tomorrow. I think I am going to go with my gut tonight, but input can also nudge me one way or the other.

And 2 totally unrelated notes…

1) A friend of mine has an extra ticked to the Saturday night freestyles at Dressage at Devon (only 2 weeks away!!! YAY!). She is sitting in the reserved seating section so the ticket is $20, and you are weather proof because not only do they put fewer people on the benches in that area, but you get a roof over your head! Let me know via comment if you are interested.

2) Check out the discussion back on my post about blinders…there have been comments by a carriage owner and someone who wants them banned. Not sure how they found my posts but I have a feeling it is going to get nutty. Who knew my blog would be so controversial!


3 thoughts on “Am I jumping the braiding gun?

  1. With the weather this morning, I would braid tomorrow morning. It’s cold and miserable today. Will you show if its still like this Sat. morning? If there is any doubt, don’t waste your time.

    Good luck at the show! My offer still stands to go with you, even if we can’t show, Speeds would love to hang out.

  2. heck yeah I am going! It is supposed to be like this tomorrow morning (cold and rainy) so it is not going to be a lot of fun regardless of when I do it! And thanks for the offer, but Phoenix and I are planning to breeze in and out at this show.

  3. Its a little late to comment but I’d braid tonight and cover him up with a sleazy both nights. We almost always band on Friday night and don’t take them out until Sunday night. They get used to it and so long as they are covered up in case he rolls, it’s not big deal.

    Good luck tomorrow!

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