Yet another reason not to like Anky

At this moment I am off enjoying the Equine Affair. I hope it is not raining on me and that all the horses and riders are safe away from the thunderstorms they are predicting. Well really I hope that the forecasters are wrong and that today is a perfect day in Massachusetts. I am using my absence to talk to you all about a news story I heard from “Glenn The Geek” at the 2010 WEG radio show.

The woman who has more then once caused me to swear on this blog (and not from joy) Anky Von Grunsven, has decided she wants to win the WEG gold medal in REINING in 2010. Not dressage, reining.n You see winning Gold Medals in dressage when you are not the best isn’t good enough. She needs to work her evil magic (I swear that woman has a pack with the devil, there is no other explanation) on another poor discipline. Hopefully those judges are not as easy to manipulate as the ones in dressage.

I think I would be less pissed about the announcement if…

A) She didn’t mention medals in her desire to switch

B) She was giving up dressage in order to switch, not just being greedy

C) She actually cared about reining as a discipline


D) I thought she liked horses and wasn’t abusive.

You can see her scary smile with her all decked out in western gear here.


5 thoughts on “Yet another reason not to like Anky

  1. as if we needed any more reasons! anky definitely has signed a contract or two in her own blood. but then maybe anky and reining are a match made in hell – it’s perfect fit for someone as parasitic and self-impressed as anky to take up a discipline that doesn’t even pretend to give a shit about the horses, but is all about show-boating, cheesy glamor and blatant self-promotion at the horses’ expense – something she is well familiar with already! and, of course, if she is successful it will validate her entire philosophy of life: you don’t actually have to know what you’re doing or care about doing it well – you just have to know the right people and be able to buy the best horses. oh, yeah, and the most important ingredient: you have to have no ethics, no conscience and no compassion for the animals. in that case, she should do well.

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