The Old Mad Does Roll!

So Genny loves to roll. He rolls everyday. Multiple times. And nothing makes him happier then when it rains just the right amount so the mud really can cake on and he can make himself a new coat out of mud! I always say that he wanted to be a chestnut.

X, on the other hand, only rolls once in a while. I have been leasing him since January and he has yet to get even half as dirty as my boy. He lays down to sleep, but he doesn’t roll a lot outside. This week I caught him in the act! I turned him out and saw him going for it and ran to get my camera. And it is a good thing I ran because X goes down, scratches for about 10 seconds and gets back up. He doesn’t do the 10 minutes one side to the other and back again. So here, I am proud to say, is the evidence that X really does roll sometimes! And I have been better about taking pictures at X’s barn. I figure that you all know I don’t love the care so it is not like this picture is of me promoting not picking the fields or turning a horse out with lots of rocks around. It is what it is and I shouldn’t miss cute moments, like my old man rolling, just because the barn doesn’t pick their fields or leaves lots of rocks in the turnout.

Lexi Rolling

X Rolling

X Getting Up After The Roll

X Getting Up After The Roll

X Shaking Off

X Shaking Off


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