Mandatory Volunteering – Part 2

See Part 1 Here

Here is a picture of me happy to be at a show at the start of the day. I love that sign because during full show swing there are many horses schooling out there to avoid the warm-up ring. Genny was one of them years ago!

So we I get upstairs and introduce myself to the woman who is normally the show manager. Introduce isn’t really the right word, more like remind her of my name. You see I have been scoring at this same damn show every year for many years now. This woman has been scoring or show managing this show just as long. She remembered me, which is cool since she is a big time show manager with a company to run and a job at a popular horse magazine. She was very glad to have me back since I know what I am doing in the scoring room. I started to teach the new person what to do but was stopped right off the bat and was told that “I need to relax. There is still plenty of time to teach her”. Okay, fine. It is not like I had to get to the show a freaking hour before the first ride anyway…I can just sit here and do nothing for a little longer.

So the first tests finally come up to be scored and I am nice and tell the new woman to use the computer first and that after lunch she can switch to manual scoring while I take a turn at the computer. I am trying to tell this new lady what to do on the computer and she is just not getting it. I was trying not to get frustrated because I do understand that it is hard to learn new things, but after a few minutes (it should take about 15-30 seconds to score each test on the computer) when nothing was done the head scorer came over to try and teach her. The head scorer did not have much better luck getting this woman to use the program, but she at least got her to put the tests in the computer. We didn’t care about time at this point, we just needed her to learn.

We started to get really backed up by 9:00 when the Young Rider got her first break. She came up to say hello and I put her to work. I thought she had scored before, but she hadn’t. I feel terrible but the poor young thing got yelled at because I asked her to help. It was totally my fault. I got yelled at for it as well. The young rider did not even make a huge mistake (she was double checking the printout instead of the test. It was an honest mistake) but the head scorer got the maddest I have seen her get ever. Then the head scorer made the announcement that no one was allowed up here but us for the rest of the day. Point made. The cruddy thing was that it kind of put me into a bad mood. There was no need to be mean to the Young Rider. She made a mistake and it was really my fault to begin with for asking her to help without explaining it to her. The head scorer should have just been mad at me. All well.

At 9:30 we abandon post to go see Courtney King -Dye (my dressage idol) ride. She was on a horse getting some show miles in. I will do a whole post about her ride because 5 min watching her really does give me enough to talk about for an entire entry. The woman I am scoring with is really starting to bug me at this point. She is just not someone I would choose to spend time with. She was nice enough I guess, she just did or said things that would put me on edge. She has her horse at a barn that I am not a big fan. They hardly ever turnout there, but that is fine with her because her horse does not go out ever. Like ever. She “tried it once and he tore up his foot”. Sigh. Maybe if he went out on a regular basis he wouldn’t want to run around like a lunatic the one chance he gets at being a horse.

She also preceded to tell me that her horse is 4th level without me even talking about levels. I tell myself that she is just feeling insecure and trying to impress me. I tell her I ride a 20 year old paint thinking she would tone down the impressing a stranger meter. I was wrong. That just made he know she was better than me instead of just thinking it. I had to endure an entire day of hearing about how she need to hire a groom and trailer all to herself next time she goes to show because she cannot handle going when the attention is divided. She also kept talking about her friend whom I know in an idolizing fashion. Her friend is a nice lady. She has really given up a lot to fulfil her horsey dreams. The problem I have with her friend is that she pushes the horses too hard, they burn out, and she has no clue why. She has 2 adorable arabs but both have gone from sweet youngsters to spooky, hard to handle messes. They don’t like to trailer and run away from her when she goes to get them from the field. This woman just keeps talking about how brave it is to be showing every weekend. All I can think about is how much she must pay in show fees every year. I told her I have a blog (she asked why I was taking pictures) so now I am sure she is out there somewhere trying to find it and make me feel bad some other way. I told her my blog was anonymous (which it is to people like her) and declined to give her the info. And of course I am going to have to see the woman again. Wouldn’t you know she is entering her horse at X and my first show? And the one in July at the local show ground. I have a feeling I am going to be seeing here every where this year. That I am not looking forward to.

Just about lunch time my “put on the good face” act is starting to get strained. I kept making mistakes and not catching this other woman’s mistakes and I was just getting frustrated. Add to that the fact that the judges are putting some harsh comments on the test sheets (Horse is great. Rider is not. Rider is much to stiff and the horse is suffering because of it. Rider’s poor skills caused horse to buck. Back to the drawing board) which is frustrating to me because I love to show because the judges are helpful. If I ever got the above comment on a test sheet I would freak out and want my money back for the show. And the rider was at 1st level! It is not like they were faking 4th level or something. Plus everyone starts talking about freaking levels again which makes me feel like a jerk since I don’t even have a level right now. I was about to bust by the time I hit catering.

To Be Continued…


2 thoughts on “Mandatory Volunteering – Part 2

  1. Wow OTB- now I know why I want to LEARN dressage, but not SHOW in it. 😉 Sounds like you had a heck of a day there, and I am happy it is over for you. Cant wait to read your idol post!

  2. I stopped by that show briefly on Saturday, but just to watch. I’ve spent so many hours volunteering at that place that it’s not even funny — but hey, that’s what makes the horse shows go ’round!

    I find that when people start bragging about how their HORSE is xyz level, it usually means with someone else riding it. 😉 Just smile and nod, they move on eventually…

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