Happy Birthday Gennyral!

Gennyral is 16 today! Here is is modeling his birthday present…a new fly mask.

My horse is terribly spoiled…he only poses for treats or scratches…I was offering neither at this time so I have about 25 very ugly shots of my horse looking angry or demanding in a fly mask. This was my first shot…before he realized he was not going to be compensated for his modeling expertise. Hahaha…man I love my horse.

I am off to “volunteer” at a big local horse show. Some big shots (including my idol Courtney King-Dye) are going to be riding so hopefully I can sneak away and report back what I watch.

Send my horse birthday thoughts…that is all I am going to be able to do today myself. I think he can tell though when I am thinking about him. Mikael had a good point though…my pony has no clue it is his birthday today. So while in life I prefer the “honesty is the best policy” way of thinking my horse is getting lied too and told his birthday is tomorrow when I see him :P.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Gennyral!

  1. “I have about 25 very ugly shots of my horse looking angry or demanding in a fly mask.” Boy did I laugh at that sentence! The imagery – not that I needed it, cause you’ve provided a photo 😀

    Enjoy the show! And happy birthday to your boy!

  2. What brand/where did you get that fly mask? I need to get my horse a new one and that one looks better and different than the one he has….the one I’d been using has been causing him to have some sensitivity or claustophobic issues I think, for some reason! Thanks!

  3. Pony Girl – I feel your pain with the fly mask fit. Gennyral has tiny little pig eyes on a huge head with a wide forhead. The warmblood size fly masks are way too long for him. I have so many old fly masks that just don’t fit him. The only one that came close last year was an absorbine one…but it was ugly. Like a giant black bubble over his head and even that wasn’t a good fit. His new one (the one in the picture) I love! It actually fits him without looking rediculous. The one above is the
    “Absorbine improved ultrashield fly bonnet”. and if it fits my pain in the butt boy I am sure it will fit yours! And I loved you story from the last trail ride you went on…we have a horse at our barn who I am sure would run up and greet horses like a dog if we would let him.

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